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"Muster the Rohirrim! Assemble the army at Dunharrow, as many men as can be found. You have two days. On the third, we ride for Gondor. And war.

Derek Hale + Smiling

aaah good then we can stay friends. :) omg that gif i can’t stop staring


And haha, you had me staring at it for a good sixty seconds when I saw the reply. I don’t find much opportunity to use that Dylan gif, but I do like it.

interessssting. don’t be sorry for how you ship! (but if you ship kurtofsky i might have to judge you a bit sorrynotsorry)

Er. No. No I do not ship kurtofsky. At all. That’s even worse for me than seblaine. Much worse. I can accept Karofsky grew as a person and learned from his mistakes or whatever, but still very much No on that pairing, thanks.

it has to be hard or it’s not fun! … that could be misconstrued. but yeah!

favorite films → the road to el dorado (2000)
stars!… can’t do it… not today.

Stiles tries to woo the were with a personalized Coke. 

"Put 5 characters in my ask and I’ll put them in my preference order" Blaine Anderson, Kurt Hummel, Stiles Stilinski, Merlin, Arthur Pendragon. :)

Gosh. Oh gosh. Um. >.>;;;;

1. Merlin, The Great Dragoon, Emrys, The Greatest Wizard to Ever Walk the Earth

2. Stiles Stilinski

3. Arthur Pendragon

4. Kurt Hummel

5. Blaine Anderson

That was really hard and moderately painful. Sweet babies, all of them.

for the ask meeeme: seblaine.












fun fact: If you separate the 4 and the 2 making them different numbers. Then translate them into Japanese  shi, and ni. Then put the words together, shini, it means death (shini-gami = god of death). So knowing that

The answer to the ultimate question… of life, the universe, and everything is…


That fact is not fun.

Well, the number 4 in Japanese can also be translated to Yon. So if we have the words Yon and Ni and then put them together, it is yonni, which translates to nothing (as far as i know) in Japanese, however, in Sanskrit, it means vagina. 

So therefore, the answer to the ultimate question….of life, the universe, and everything is…


Life comes from the vagina only to be later greeted by death.


i just hit myself in the face my phone

Not so fun fact: Douglas Adams actually states that 42 was a random number that he picked off the top of his head and had no hidden, deeper meanings.

It was a joke. It had to be a number, an ordinary, smallish number, and I chose that one….I sat at my desk, stared into the garden and thought ‘42 will do’. I typed it out. End of story.” - Douglas Adams

That’s the beauty in it.

Fandom, “They author put so much meaning into the number 42 and look how meaningful it is!”

Author, “Lolz 42 will do.”

Literally English teachers